Providing a Nurturing & Educational Environment for Infant Care

Leaving your young infant with someone you don’t know can be a difficult and nerve-racking decision to make. As more children enter child-care in the early, tender years of infancy, the continuity of care between home and outside care is very important for the young child. I will make sure the transition is as comfortable as possible for you and your child during this time. You can be sure that I will try to understand and value your practices at home and will strive to work with you to blend the two settings. I believe that to provide quality care, it is important for the daycare provider to build trust, and an attachment, or bond, with the children. I also believe that the childcare provider should have a good relationship with the parents and should maintain good communication concerning how care will be provided, for the best interests of the child. Considering all of these ideas, I will be sensitive, accepting, cooperative, and accessible to meet all of your child’s needs.

The experiences infants have during the early months and years of life are crucial to children’s healthy development. I will provide your young infant with a lot of personal attention, supervision, and interaction to promote physical, cognitive, and social skills. With the young infant’s development in mind, I pay special attention to the safety and cleanliness of each room. Infants one year and below are put to sleep on their back to avoid SIDS. I make sure that both non mobile and crawling infants are separated from active toddlers so that no child gets hurt. I kneel down on the floor to be at eye level when playing with infants. Infants are unique and have their own patterns for play, feeding, and sleeping. I use these patterns as a guide to introduce daily routines/activities for each child. For very young infants, singing, reading, talking while changing a diaper, tummy time, and massage time are just some of the activities that support development during this stage.

At Pooh’s Corner House Daycare we know what babies need:

Individualized care and attention

Safe places to explore

Engaging experiences that help them learn about the world around them

Our infant program offers calm, nurturing environments that provide opportunities for your baby to learn and grow at his or her own pace.

Whether your child is six weeks or six months old, we’ll support his development and take care of his daily needs the same way you do. We’ll constantly communicate with you about all of the important parts of his/her day such as diapering, feeding, and sleeping — not to mention letting you know about the exciting new learning he experiences every day at Pooh’s Corner House Daycare. We’ll stimulate your baby’s cognitive, emotional and physical development by:






Your 1- 12 month-old will thrive in a warm, caring environment with plenty of age-appropriate activities

With all of these things, you can be assured that this is the kind of infant child-care environment where children learn best and flourish!

(Daily activities 1 to 6 Months) consist of:

 Pictures with Primary Colors (Print Out)

Words to Songs and Rhymes

Simple Exercises or Infant Stimulation

Massage (Helps To Comfort Baby)

 (Daily activities 6 to 9 Months) consist of:

Daily Teaching Picture

Language Development

Sign Language (five signs per month)


Play Time

Sensory/Art Time


Songs or Rhymes (Words to songs or rhymes)

Infant Curriculum 9 to 12 months

Daily activities consist of:

Group Time Activities

Language Development Activities

Sign Language (five per month)

Fun Hands On Learning Activities

Words to Songs and Rhyme